Short Stories

Quarantine Dreams


You go about your day as if not much has happened this week. You’re tired, work’s been tough, but now you’re happy. You have a date today and that’s something that’ll brighten up your day. This guy’s new, but you feel it, he might just be the one. Although that’s what you thought the last five times, you hope this time you’re not wrong, remember, you can feel it. 

You get ready, he arrives, and he’s early. 

“Yup, the one.” you say to yourself triumphantly. 

At this point, the bare minimum excites you – you know it, but would never admit it. 

Once in the car, he lets you vent about your day. 

“So I work in an office, I’m sure I told you. So today, it was so hectic. We had three weeks’ worth of backed up work, can you believe it?”

“Wow, no way” He replies, nonchalantly. 

To you, no red flags are in sight. You’re desperate and so you take the validation from wherever it comes. Even if its just him paying for the dinner invited you to. 

You’re happy when he stops for gas on the way back and doesn’t ask you for money. You feel as if you’re living a dream. In fact, maybe you are. 

He’s back in the car after pumping the gas that he paid for. You watch him get in as if it were a fantasy. You smile, he doesn’t.

A tap on the passenger window brings you back to reality. You realize why he’s not smiling.

Someone’s at your door, hooded, masked. 

“Open the fuck up, bitch.”

You’re stuck. In shock.

You look over to your date. 

His flight or fight response has kicked in and he’s ready to fly. Without you. Not saying a single word. 

Another hooded man stops him in his tracks. He shoves him back in the car. Now seated, he starts to beg for his life. 

“Did Mike send you?” he struggles to say. “Listen. I can make this right. I can fix it. Just let me call him.”

You can hear the fear in his voice but you cannot move. You feel the tears down your cheek but you cannot wipe them. You just sit there. Frozen. Stunned – as your mundane life changes right before your eyes.

The same hooded man that had tapped on your window still stands there. Though you have not had the courage to do a single thing, he remains. Gun pinned to the glass and pointed at your head. You try not to look at him, but you can feel his presence and this sends chills down your spine. Still, you cannot speak – even to beg for mercy.

You hear a shot. 

Then another.

They’re loud and rip through your left ear drum. Each time, your eyes close tighter. Your lips left off a small scream and now your hands are on your ears. 

You can feel the blood splattered all over yourself but you do nothing. Your eyes are closed tight and you wait. You wait for the shot that kills you. 

Instead, you hear a car pulling up beside you and your eyes open wide. 

You want to ask for help but you also want to live.

The two masked men become defensive. They want no witnesses. 

They both come up to the driver side door and start telling the other car to leave.

You look. You see the body next to you. His bloody head is on your lap. You want to scream. You want to run. Your brain is on pause. Though you give it orders to move your leg, it does nothing. You give it orders to let off a sound, a scream, it doesn’t. 

All you can do is watch as the two men threaten the others in the car next to us. 

One shot.

Two shots.

The two masked men start to run.

Three shots. 

The front windshield of the car you’re in shatters but the bullet does not touch you. 

You look over to the other car, looking for a sign of life. 

They do not check for you back. They speed off.

Leaving you with a dead body on your lap – still wondering if he could have been the one. 

Now you’ll never get to find out.

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