How I’ve Been Surviving College (barely)

As some may know, I am a student. I go to college full time and am pursuing a Bachelors degree in English. I’ve been in school for over three years. Through the years, I have learned so much about literally everything and I want to enlighten some of you!


So here are some of my tips/ useful information that may help you get through. You get a lot of perks for being a student (or having a valid student ID). *insert wink face emoji*

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One of my favorites is that we get free access to ALL Microsoft office programs (Word, Powerpoint, Excel). So you can stop taking notes/ writing all in them limited ass google docs!

Another Perk is Unidays! When you sign up on Unidays you get a ton of coupons to stores where you probably already shop at (H&M, Nike, Boohoo, American Eagle). I got you!!!

With Unidays also comes $5/mo Apple Music. So really, just make sure you have an active college email and you’re set!

And speaking of subscriptions, I couldn’t forget my favorite, Amazon Prime! Amazon also happens to have a student subscription which is 99 cents for the first weeks trial, and $6.49/mo going forward (if you sign up using my banner link below).
Great for ordering books and school supplies. Especially if you wait until last minute to order books as I do. We know all too well that some professors don’t require the books and you don’t find out until the first day of class *eye roll* Prime provides free two-day shipping (sometimes one day) on all prime items.

With being a current student and taking some technology classes (coding, web development, UX Design, etc) I was also able to get full access to all Adobe programs. This includes Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, ALL of it! So, ask your school and see. They may have a promo code which you can enter in for full access. If not, Adobe does provide student discounts on their programs.

Now, I know everyone kind of knows about Shmoop and other websites like it in order to help with summarizing reading assignments. BUT, do yall know that there is a website that literally generates citations for you?
Y’all, when I tell y’all I was MIND BLOWN when I found this!
I can’t cite for shit!!!
— The website does run slow as shit but it’s worth it so be patient!
You’re welcome!

Another one of my favorite websites that help with essay writing is Grammarly! You can pretty much paste in your paper and it’ll spell check it for you (and check for some punctuation errors). If you pay for the premium version, it’ll also check your grammar and all that — but I just wing it because face it, that’s what college is all about.

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If your school uses Blackboard, please know that there is an app! It may sound dumb BUT, I set up notifications for it so I see when assignments and grades are posted. Most importantly, I get notified when classes are canceled. Hallelujah!

I don’t know if y’all know this but you can rent (and buy) textbooks on Amazon for so much cheaper. Try it! If you must buy and cannot rent look up the book on Amazon and click on “View other buying options” and you will be able to buy used copies for a fraction of the cost. I do this ALL the time.

If not on Amazon, then I rent my books on Chegg! It’s also super cheap and convenient.

Lastly, if you’re forgetful, like me, download a sticky note app on your computer. You can basically paste it on the home screen and write down what you need to do for the day (or week.)
I use the one called “Stickies” for Mac.

If you’d rather write stuff down then use a real sticky note. What I do is that I write down every assignment I have to do for the week on a sticky. Then, I transfer everything into my planner by day when I will work on it. This has been SOO helpful, I cannot even explain it. I never forget any assignments and it helps me manage my time.

Honestly, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the best pencil on earth. I’ve been using them since I started school (not a pen person).
BUY IT!! It’s so good and writes so nice. It’s the only thing I use.

I hope y’all find some of these useful, good luck!

Heads Up: My posts may contain affiliate links. If you buy something through one of my links, I receive a small commission.

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