Atlantic City, NJ

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to take a short and very spontaneous trip to Atlantic City. Because, why not?

I remember my family always going when I was little but of course, I was never invited.


Day 1

On the first day, we left the city pretty late since check in was at four — it was the worst idea. We caught a ton of traffic and it took us over three hours to get there..

Thankfully, we had a playlist ?

Once we arrived we settled in and decided we’d do dinner. We decided on a place called “Harry’s Oyster Bar.”


Honestly, the food at Harry’s was pretty mediocre. I didn’t take a picture of my meal but I had the “fish and chips” and the flavor was underwhelming to say the least. My fish tasted like nothing. Literally, nothing.

Salt & pepper ass….

After dinner, we went on the boardwalk which was very short lived. The wind almost blew me away so we decided to call it a night.

Day 2

The next day we woke up early and had the buffet breakfast at the hotel. I don’t know why hotel breakfast is so good but it just is. 10/10

On our way to the hotel the previous day we had noticed the Tanger Outlets and so if you know anything about us you must know…. We were itching to go. So we did. We were not disappointed — bought a bunch of unnecessary shit, but what else is new?

Since it was a nicer day we decided to actually check out the boardwalk.

Spoiler Alert: the wind didn’t blow me away this time.

It was a pretty cool boardwalk. 10/10

We mostly watched people try crazy rides and laughed at their pain ?

We really only wanted to try the Ferris wheel so we waited till sundown and got on.

Now, if you’ve ever been to Vegas…… you will likely be underwhelmed.

This was NOT the High Roller.

Aside from that, it was cool. We got to see the entire boardwalk and some pretty lights.

It went around three times (15 mins) and by the third we were ready to jump down…

After that we took our underwhelmed asses back to the hotel, got some funnel cake, and UberEats some pizza from a place called “Torres Primo Pizza.” It wasn’t NYC pizza but 9/10.

Day 3

Back to the outlets on some “wErE jUsT gOnNa ReTurN StUfF” but… we bought MORE stuff.

I don’t wanna talk about it, ok?

After our spree, we went back to the boardwalk to check out the Ripley’s Museum.

Omg y’all, so good.

I’m not even gonna spoil it but just know… they had a Beyoncé cricket. Please go!!

After that, we just walked up and down the board walk for no reason and tried THE WORST PIZZA on earth. Please don’t eat board walk pizza.

I will say that a lot of the restaurants on the board walk don’t even try. It’s like they know they’re going to get business regardless so they just let their shops get rundown and just utterly disgusting.

Just don’t eat on the boardwalk, period. Trust me.

That night, though my stomach was still turnings we decided to give eating a second chance.

We had noticed the Sugar Factory inside of the Hard Rock Hotel that afternoon and decided to check it out.

THANKFULLY, you can always count on chain restaurants.

Virgin Berry Bliss and The Club Sandwich

The service was kind of awful and It was a “fully booked” night so we had to sit by the bar (not our favorite) BUT the food was DELICIOUS.

We later went to Caesars Palace, also underwhelming (likely because I was comparing it to Las Vegas) and then to Bally’s.

We played on some slot machines and you guessed it, we lost!

Overall, we loved Atlantic City (aside from the food).

Quite honestly though, we have a great time any and everywhere we go. So, it’s really what you make it.

If you go, just don’t compare it to Vegas.


By the way, we stayed at The Claridge Hotel. Super Roaring 20’s vibes. 10/10

Some random tips:

Valet your car! It costs a few dollars more but it is sooo worth it! if you self park you have to walk all around the hotel with your bags. It was very convenient for us especially when we left with a lot more bags than we came with.

Bring multiple kinds of clothes. I changed like three times a day depending on the activity I was doing. I also packed for mostly rain (it was in the forecast) and it did not rain at all.

Bring a pair of comfortable shoes! I saw plenty of people struggling on the boardwalk in their heels. Most places in the area aren’t very fancy. I did not require heels once.

Always pack a bathing suit! A lot of the hotels have indoor pools.

And of course, don’t eat boardwalk pizza.

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  1. “After that we took our underwhelmed asses back to the hotel,”

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