Small Pleasures

I am in love with many things 

But the idea of comfort brings upon my heart the coziest feeling.

I attach peace to these comforts.

It’ll take me a while before I dial the time back on my bedroom clock once daylight savings commences.

I love the comfort that comes after the scare of thinking it’s 10 pm when it’s really only 9.

It makes it seem like I get an extra hour.

An hour full of possibilities,

Of peace,

Of comfort,

Of coziness.

I love the comfort of setting an alarm an hour before I need to wake up.

I sigh of relief knowing I get an extra hour of sleep

I can cozy back up into my fluffy blankets

And wrap my legs around the warm body that sleeps soundly right beside me.

For me, this is peace.

I love the comfort of cinnamony hot chocolate.

The way the sweetness fills my throat and makes it almost itchy.

Me empalago

But in a good way.

I love the comfort of wearing a cozy fall scent.

Every time the wind wraps around my hair,

I get a whiff of happiness.

I like to close my eyes a lot and take it all in.

The wind and sun simultaneously kissing my face,

 they can’t get enough of me.

The warm cinnamon on my tongue,

I can’t get enough of it. 

Being alive is such a wonderful thing.

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