Sea of Bliss

When waves crash at night, they make a harsh sound. I don’t know if it’s because the beach is so silent and empty or because the sea is scared of the dark. The sea is calling out for help, but nobody listens. It’s screaming, hoping for some light, but even the moon isn’t enough to light up the deep waters. It spews all its anger unto the sand, crashing on our bare feet as if it’s now angry at us for ignoring it. And maybe it’s because I’m empathetic, but the cries for help scare me too; I don’t ignore them. I listen carefully at the waves crashing, I cannot shift my focus. “I’m scared,” I let the words slip my tongue, unsure as to who my words are being directed to. Is it to the sea, in hopes that it’ll calm for me? Or to the person walking next to me, hoping to be protected?

One of my happiest days involves the beach. It is morning, so the sea is happy. It has forgiven everyone for the scariness of the prior night. This time, the sea is sending waves that tap us like a kiss, it is not angry anymore. Each soft wave is full of ignorant bliss as if having no idea that darkness will later come. I indulge in it. 

All day, we sit in the sun, we laugh, we smile, we swim, we sway at the small tugs the sea sends us. We are in love; with the beach and each other. Our sandy feet touch each other lightly, and so do our hands. We too live in blissful ignorance today. We ignore the hardships of life. We live in the moment. Our hearts are full. And like the sea, we forget the night. 

As the day progresses, the sun starts to hide, reminding the sea, little by little of the dimness of the moon. The tide starts to pick up. The waves are no longer lightly kissing me, they become rough with me, trying to get me to help, the way it did the other night. This time, I am not scared, so I do not listen. I am too busy, taking in the rays of my own sun. 

“I am sorry that the moon cannot love you the way that you deserve,” I tell it.

I, on the other hand, am loved so tenderly. 

At night, there are arms that cannot wait to wrap around me. Lips that cannot wait to kiss my face. So, I do not cry. I do not become fearful when the moon lights the sky.

I am lucky. Luckier than the sea; because the person next to me is brighter than the moon. He is enough to light up the deepest parts of me. With him, I feel comfort, not fear.

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