Boston, Massachussets

Growing up with divorced parents, I was often traveling back and forth from parent to parent. My permanent home was with my mom in NYC and my “sometimes, for a few days” home was with my dad in Massachusetts. He’d always move around different parts of the state, always staying in the vicinity of Boston.

Honestly, I never cared much for the visits. For the most part, we’d just go around from one family member’s house to another.

The places where my dad lived were never very glamorous. He’d always lived in neighborhoods that were less than impressive.

This weekend I got to visit Massachusetts again for the first time in a couple of years. This visit was different — for once, my purpose for going was not only to see my dad and his family members.

With my cousin as my tour guide, I got to see a side of Boston that I had never seen before.

It was weird how much this city reminded me of my own. All of the tall buildings, the lights — beautiful.

This new side of Boston was definitely superior to the one I had visited many times before and I hope to come back soon.

Here are some photos:

And finally, the view from my cousins apartment:

See you soon, Boston.

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