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How I cut my hair’s drying time by half

Hey everyone!

You may remember a couple of posts ago, I wrote about my current favorite curly products. Well, in that post, I mentioned that my hair takes eight hours to dry — Terrible!

Since then, I have figured out a new way of going about my wash days and it’s cut my drying time in half!

  1. I wash my hair and condition + detangle, like normal.
  2. Once I’m done, I wrap my hair in my L’Ange hair towel to dry off any excess water (about 10-20 mins).
  3. I take off the towel and without adding any product to my hair, I let it air dry (about 2 hrs).
  4. Once my hair is dry, I section it off and then I go in with a spray bottle and wet it just a little. It may sound counterproductive but trust me, it isn’t. Basically, since the hair isn’t soaking, it helps with the drying process. I know what you may be thinking, why not just let my hair dry a little and then work on it? FRIZZ. Just trust me, okay?
  5. After spritzing my hair, I detangle again as necessary.
  6. I apply my TGIN leave in conditioner and use my detangler brush to evenly distribute the product.
  7. Next, I apply some Creme of Nature Curl activator and again, use the detangler brush to distribute the product.
  8. After this, I use my Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
  9. Then Mousse and scrunch.
  10. After doing this to all sections, I use my L’Ange towel again to dry off any excess water.
  11. Once that’s done, I go in with my diffuser (approx 30-45 mins)
  12. Fluff and DONE!

Here’s a video clip I made to demonstrate:

Products used:

TGIN Green Tea Super moist Leave In Conditioner:

Creme of Nature Curl Activator Creme:

Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel:

L’Oreal Boost it Volume Inject Mousse:

L’Ange Hair Towel:

Detangler Brush:

Blow Dryer:


Here’s a photo of my results:

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